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Canyons of the pond of Alcanadre and their tributaries

The river Alcanadre, the biggest of the Sierra of Guara, comes from Pyrenees from the North of Spain. It is the tributary of the river Cinca that passes by in the province of Huesca. Alcanadre is born in the Sierra of Galardón and throws itself into the just river Cinca has side of Ballobar.

Alcanadre crosses the Sierra of Guara by forming on its passage some deep ravines, canyons and gorges. These are very appreciated by the canyoneurs which come from all Europe and even from other continents. The sector of the river Alcanadre between Bara and Bierge offers as many swimming pools to bathe as canyons to be lowered. Among others we can name Gorgas Negras, Barrasil, Peonera Superieure, Fornazos de la Peonera and Peonera Inferieure (or Puntillo).

This last one ends by the famous dam of Bierge, one of the symbolic zones of bathing of the Sierra of Guara. We shall also note that the tributaries of Mascun, offer a geologic jewel of an exceptional beauty, both for the canyoneurs and the climbers or the ornithologists (in particular canyons Mascun Superieur, Otin, Raisen and Os Cochas). Besides the canyon Mascún which joins the river Alcanadre to Rodellar, there is also other main tributaries as rivers Isuala, Flumen and Guatizalema.

Canyons Gorgas Negras and Barrasil

Canyons Mascun, Otin, Raisen and Os Cochas


The Peonera and its tributaries

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