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Rivers basins of Formiga and Guatizalema

The ponds of Formiga and Guatizamela (as that of Flumen) offer the most interesting canyoning routes of the western part of the Sierra of Guara. The river Formiga is born in the slopes of the Tozal de Guara and passes by by forming some canyons as Formiga and Gorgonchon, before its confluence with the river Calcón. The river Guatizalema (from the Arab Guadix alam, the quiet river), is a river born in the north hillside of the western foothills of the Sierra of Aineto, province of Huesca, in 1.370 meters in height, in the valley of Nocito, and which passes by to go to throw itself into the river Alcanadre.

Canyons Formiga and Gorgonchon


Canyons of San Martin de la Val de Onsera, San Chines, Escomentué, Cueva de la Reina

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