Usefull trip informations and general datas about Sierra de Guara

The Sierra of Guara is situated in the North of Spain in the aragonese Pyrenees. It is in the heart of the province of Huesca in the region of Somontano. Declared Natural park in 1990, it’s known today as the Natural park of the Sierra and canyons of Guara and it is the most vast protected natural space of Aragon.

Paradise for the nature lovers, the Sierra of Guara offers to his visitors one of the best and unique landscapes in Europe. Indeed, since millions of years, under the influence of the erosion of streams, rain and wind, where formed unique calcareous reliefs where get involved hills, cliffs, caves, gorges and canyons. Its varied reliefs and the Atlantic and Mediterranean influence of climates allowed the appearance of a wide range of ecosystems. Each of them has a fauna and a flora adapted to the bioclimatic diversities and allows the existence of certain endemic animal and plant species.

Today the Sierra of Guara is known and recognized for its activities of adventures among which the canyoning plays a determining role. Indeed with its climate and its hundred canyons distributed in the zone, it is the ideal ground for the practice of the canyoning. She also offers numerous alternatives, sportive and cultural among which climbing, hiking, via ferrata, horsing, or visiting the villages of Sierra of Guara, abandonned or not, and their monuments sometimes going back to prehistory time.

The visitors can also take advantage of numerous regional products such as the wine of Somontano, the olive oil and the black truffle.

To facilitate the organisation of a trip to Sierra de Guara, we have created differents sections resuming the mains usefuls informations about this territory to know:

  • The weather and the forecast of the days to come,
  • The localisation and main access from the nearest cities,
  • The history,
  • Some datas about its situation in Spain


History of the Sierra de Guara

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