The pyrenees, the Province of Huesca, the Aragon community and  Spain

Ideal ground for adventure-tourism in Spain, Aragon offers a broad range of outdoor activities all the year with, during winter: ski, snowboard, snowshoe-excursions, climbing on ice etc., and during summer: canyoning, trekking, via ferrata, excursions on horseback, free-climbing, rafting, kayak etc.

Concerning the canyoning, the Sierra of Guara is a unique spot of canyons in Spain, Europe and in the world. Nevertheless, for the amateurs, it exists as well many others canyons in Aragon,canyons in the Pyrenees and canyons in Spain which are splendid as well for theirs landscapes and technicality.

The Pyrenees

Pyrenees form a mountain range situated in the North of the Iberian Peninsula, between Spain, Andorra and France. It extends along 415 km, since the Mediterranean Sea in the East, until its meeting with the Cantabriques Mountains in the West, where the fault of Pamplona was established as its geologic conventional limit, no geographical interruption between both formations not being present. In its central it has a width of about 150 km. In an ordinary language, the word Pirineo applies to set high French-Spanish border Sierras. You could find nice canyons and itineraries of canyoning in the Pyrenees on the North of the Sierra de Guara

The Province of Huesca

Huesca (in Aragonese Uesca; in Catalan, Osca)is a province of the North of Spain, in the north part of the autonomous community of Aragon. Huesca is also the major city there, which concentrates nearly the quarter of the provincial population.

The province is limited to the North by France (the departments of the Pyrénées Atlantiques, the Hautes-Pyrénées and the Haute-Garonne, in the East by the province of Lérida, in the South and on the West by the province of Saragossa, and on the West by the Local Community of Navarre. Its surface is 15 626 km ². According to the population census of the INE, in 2014 the province counted 224 909 inhabitants with a density of 14,39 hab. / km population ². It’s formed by 202 municipalities.

In this province is the National park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido and the one who interests us, the Natural reserve of the Sierra and the canyons of Guara.

The community of Aragon

Aragon or the autonomous Community of Aragon is a region of the North of Spain formed by three provinces; the province of Saragossa, the province of Teruel and the province of Huesca in which the Sierra of Guara is situated. By representing 1/10 of the territory of Spain with its surface of 47.500km2, Aragon has a geostrategic situation which facilitates the exchanges between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as between Iberian Peninsula and France with whom it shares 136km of border in Pyrenees.


Spain, so called Kingdom of Spain, is a sovereign country, a member of the European Union, established by a social and democratic State of right and the form of government of which is the parliamentary monarchy. Its territory, with Madrid as capital, is organized in seventeen autonomous communities and two autonomous cities, besides fifty provinces.

It is a transcontinental country situated in Europa Occidentale, and in the North of Africa. In Europe it occupies most of the Iberian Peninsula, known as peninsular Spain, and archipelago of islands the Balearic Islands (in the western Mediterranean Sea); in Africa are the cities of Ceuta (in the peninsula Tingitana) and Melilla (on the cape Three Forced), the Canary Islands (in the north-oriental Atlantic Ocean), islands Chafarinas (in the Mediterranean Sea), the rock of Vélez de la Gomera (in the sea the Mediterranean Sea), islands Alhucemas (in the gulf of islands Alhucemas), and the island of Alborán (in the sea of Alborán). The municipality of Llivia in Pyrenees, establishes a popular enclave totally surrounded by the French territory. A series of islands and islands in front of its own peninsular coast complete the set of territories./p>

Spain is an area of 504 645 km ², by being the most vast fourth country of the continent, after Russia, Ukraine and France. With an average height of 650 meters on the sea level, it is one of the most mountainous countries of Europe. His population is 46 439 864 inhabitants (2015). The peninsular territory shares ground borders with France and with Andorra in the North, with Portugal on the West and with British territory of Gibraltar in the South. In his African territories, he shares ground and maritime borders with Morocco. He shares with France the sovereignty on the island of Pheasants in the mouth of the river Bidasoa and five facets with pyrenees.

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