Rivers basins of Formiga and Guatizalema

The ponds of Formiga and Guatizamela (as that of Flumen) offer the most interesting canyoning routes of the western part of the Sierra of Guara. The river Formiga is born in the slopes of the Tozal de Guara and passes by by forming some canyons as Formiga and Gorgonchon, before its confluence with the river Calcón. The river Guatizalema (from the Arab Guadix alam, the quiet river), is a river born in the north hillside of the western foothills of the Sierra of Aineto, province of Huesca, in 1.370 meters in height, in the valley of Nocito, and which passes by to go to throw itself into the river Alcanadre.

Canyons Formiga and Gorgonchon

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Canyon Formiga

Active, accessible and complete descent, offering an affordable form all the challenges which can be regarding canyoning. It is a classic, popular and ideal route to discover every technique and take advantage of a prosperous fauna (tritons in the river, vultures flying since the close nests).
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The Gorgonchon

Short and very narrow canyon. A long corridor immerges us into a fascinating darkness, and offers oppositions and abseilings. In spite of its length of more or less 200m, it is very technical and requires a good physical shape. For the experts, it is a jewel among the classic canyons of Sierra of Guara both by its morphology and its singular delights.



Canyons of San Martin de la Val de Onsera, San Chines, Escomentué, Cueva de la Reina

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San Martin de la Val de Onsera

A dry and questioning route; quite different from the other canyons of the zone. This descent which scrolls between big walls offers good abseilings, spectacular views and a pleasant excursion up to a monastery lost in the edge of wall. Opened to a public without preliminary technical knowledge, it offers a very interesting alternative.[/image_hover]

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San Chines

It is a very sports and entertaining canyon technically, with a continuous succession of oppositions and abseilings, that involve an extreme precaution. In a rock of conglomerate, San Chines offers a view in narrow and vertical channels, of a great beauty with its 350m of made uneven.


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Canyon Escomentué

Very vertical canyon with an incredible view, characterized by big banisters conglomerated with a succession of big abseilings. Very technical, we speak about a canyon only accessible to a public dominating the techniques of ropes and prepared physically for one made uneven total of 450m on a length of hardly 600m.

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Cueva de la Reina

Sports descent. It is the most popular of the zone with its spectacular view and Pantano de Vadiello. Of conglomerated, he offers numerous abseilings until its exit in Pantano and the Rock San Cosme, over these nowadays flooded Caves of Cuevas de la Reina.



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