Rivers basins of Río Vero and Fornocal

The río Vero arises outside the oriental foothills of the Natural reserve of the Scierra de Guara at approximately 1.000 m from height, in the confluence of the canyon of Cereosa and the canyon of Viñaza. This river of 61km of a direction North – South, gets into the Natural reserve of the Sierra and the Canyons of Guara as high as Sarsa de Surta and goes out by Alquézar, by crossing Barbastro on its path until throwing  itself into the river Cinca.

In his its first kilometers, Vero and its tributaries describe some impressive, very representative calcareous canyons of the karstic phenomena of Spain. Fornocal is the last Grand Canyon of the East side and reveals the last calcareous wall of the Sierra of Guara. With 12 km of length, after taking its source in Campo Royo at 1.000 meters in height, it goes down looking different from the other tributaries of the river Vero where it throws itself.

The Río Vero and its tributaries

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Canyon Río Vero

Great classic of Guara of the 80s, Río Vero offers all the way a variety of affected forms, interesting steps and spectacular views. A very long jewel, in cold waters, which we can go down in full length with people of a good physical shape. For the beginners or the children, we recommend to make only second sections.
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Canyon Basender

It is a descent endowed with a spectacular view. A playful canyon with several interesting abseilings, feasible by the uninitiated, with supervision. Calcareous canyon, certainly one of the most attractive among the dried classics of Sierra of Guara. Ideal to discover and confirm techniques of canyoning in family or in between friends.


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Canyon Portiacha

A short and beautiful calcareous canyon with 2 magnificent abseilings in cobweb of more than 30 meters, allowing to practise this technique. The landscape is magnificent when arriving at the first walls of the beginning of Río Vero. This canyon can perfectly be combined with other close canyons.

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Canyon Chimiachas

In spite of its complicated access, it offers attractive caves, magnificent limestones formations , as well as rock paintings at the entry. More vertical by getting closer to Vero. Long abseilings are linked to the end until “Cocineta” in the confluence. When combined with Río Vero, it becomes more demanding, and addresses to trained people, with good technical bases.
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Canyon Lumos

Another conglomerated canyon  of Guara in its oriental zone, which offers great views. Entertaining and little advanced, Lumos offers various abseilings and a very narrow section of a great beauty if you go down with the sun. There are several possible entriess to reach in the gorge by abseiling. Ideal to be combined with other close canyons.


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Canyon Alpan

Short and little known canyon which offers attractive abseilings, suspended pots besides a strange clear pipe. It can be combined with other close canyons and offers some singular views of this wild zone. Feasible by a public with a minimum of experience, and with an appetite to discover new less known canyons.


Canyon Fornocal, Palomeras del Fornocal and Saratanas

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Canyon Fornocal

Spring canyon. One of the most attractive routes of Guara. Quite demanding with its length of 3,2km, he offers chaos, beautiful corridors, natural windows, abseilings, oppositions, small jumps, and magnificent walls. Plentiful vegetation and natural pearls as tritons and fountain. For a trained public.

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Canyon Palomeras del Fornocal

Short and magnificent conglomerated descent, adapted to a public of beginners. It offers abseilings inside a deep gorge with spectacular view. Ideal route to be combined with other canyons of the zone of Vero or Fornocal.

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Canyon Sarratanas

Little known canyon, in a beautiful environment, amusing with several abseilings, jumps and oppositions. Ideal to discover other aspects of the canyoning, by developing the vertical techniques. For a public prepared physically with technical bases.


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Canyon Malpaso

Deep canyon with interesting sections, but less funny than the other close canyons at a technical and landscaped level. He is ideal for groups of beginners or more advanced which want to make combinations of canyons in the zone and to practise the techniques of abseilings, oppositions and various steps.



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