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 The amphibians in Sierra de Guara

Very present in rivers and canyons of the Sierra de Guara, amphibians (the amphi Greek (‘both’) and bio (‘life’), which means “both lives” or “both ways”) are a class of vertebrates anamniotes (without amnion, like fish) with gill breathing during the larval stage and pulmonary upon reaching adulthood. We cross them often in our tours, and if lucky, we can even watch some endemic species.

Unlike other vertebrates, they are distinguished by undergo a transformation during development. This metamorphosis of amphibians allow them of being the first vertebrates to adapt to a semi-terrestrial life. There are 7492 described species of amphibians in the world including numerous types frogs and triton/salamendra/newts in Sierra de Guara and in Spain.

They play a vital ecological role and are an indicator of water pollution, especially newts that can only survive in clean water.

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