Canyoning in Spain for spring break

This year, the Easter holidays start later than usual… And that’s good! This 2022 school calendar offers the perfect opportunity to discover the Sierra de Guara with your children for adventure and canyoning outings usually postponed to the summer holidays.

You will be able to satisfy your desires for the great outdoors, escape for a weekend or a week to enjoy a green and magnificent Sierra de Guara.

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Spring in the canyons of Sierra de Guara

Why is the Sierra de Guara also a spring destination?

In addition to the fact that there are a lot fewer people at the start of the season, with more choice of accommodation and the possibility of enjoying wild nature. Spring is the period when the animals are most visible and active with the mating season and the rearing of their young… from the nightingale to attract its betrothed, to tadpole hunts by baby snakes clumsily looking for their first meal, it’s all the cycle of nature that starts again offering rare and extraordinary spectacles.

The Sierra de Guara is known to satisfy the most demanding landscape and nature lovers… Nevertheless in spring, even those who already know the Sierra in summer are surprised to rediscover it all green and luxuriant… Between the flowers of a thousand colors, the purer luminosity of the off-season (…which allows in particular to appreciate the Pyrenees chain more than 70km away as if we were there!) and the Mediterranean scents which perfume the atmosphere, it is all the senses which benefit from it and which are exalted.

Gekko warming on a rock

The launch of the canyoning season with spring

With these increasingly mild temperatures and nature awakening, there is no doubt that spring is here! This means that the canyoning season in Sierra de Guara is gradually adopting with sometimes sublime conditions: clear water in quantity, sun rising in the sky flooding the gorges with light to warm up on a rock and above all, climatic conditions which stabilize to offer participants more pleasure and safety…
Purists and canyoning enthusiasts are not mistaken and we find them in the water from the end of March. Indeed, the cycle of the seasons generally brings the rain above the Sierra de Guara at the end of winter. And some canyons, among the best known in the world such as the Mascun Superior or the Fornocal which are normally dry in summer, will start to flow again for a few weeks in the spring, attracting enthusiasts and collectors of the most beautiful canyon descents in the Sierra de Guara.

Canyoning en Sierra de Guara au printemps
Canyoning en Sierra de Guara au printemps

Nevertheless, caution must also (and above all) remain high in the spring. Although the situation is improving with longer and warmer days after the often harsh winter of the Sierra de Guara. The canyons are generally already very active at this time and the weather can remain capricious. Sustained winds, drops in temperature or heavy rain are not to be ruled out, knowing that these more difficult conditions can make it impossible or dangerous to descend certain canyons. It is therefore very important to check the weather in Sierra de Guara or to ask a local canyoning guide for the intra-canyon conditions (here the Expediciones canyoning guide contact) before embarking on a course in the spring (even of “simple” or “family” reputation).
Fortunately, among the hundred canyons of the Sierra de Guara, there are always safe choices, often less known to the public, and which nevertheless remain majestic and surprising routes for the greatest pleasure of young and old.

If you are looking for inspiration for your spring break or are looking for advice on how to discover the Sierra de Guara, you can contact us on the Expediciones contact page.

Families enjoying the spring in Sierra de Guara
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