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The insect in Sierra de Guara

Very present in Sierra de Guara as in all natural areas of the globe where not succumb to pollution as insecticides, insects are a class of invertebrates of the phylum of arthropods, they are characterized by a pair of antennae, three pairs of legs and two pairs of wings (which, however, can be reduced or absent).

Insects comprise the most diverse group of animals on Earth with about a million described species … More than all other groups of animals together. More recent studies lower the number of bugs discovered between 6 and 10 million.

Terrestrial arthropods such as centipedes, millipedes, scorpions and spiders are often confused with insects because they have similar body structures, but are easily distinguishable, since insects have three pairs of legs, while scorpions and spiders have four pairs and lack antennas, millipedes and centipedes and have many pairs of legs.

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