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The reptiles of Sierra de Guara

Present throughout the Sierra de Guara, the reptiles is another of the major groups of animals that can be seen in the park even if their ill fame and climate changes make their observation more dificult as they population tends to decline.
Most reptiles are adapted to terrestrial life (all in the case of Guara), although some live in water.  In the major adaptations that allow the reptiles to live on the land, it  can be included a tough and scaly skin, well-developed lungs, circulatory system with dual-circuit, an excretory system that conserves water in the body, strong limbs, internal fertilization and terrestrial eggs shell. In addition reptiles can control their body temperature changing place. To warm up, they tend under the sun all day or remain under water overnight. To cool off, they move into the shade, swim, or take refuge in underground burrows.

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