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You will find on this page some of the best pictures and videos of our adventure canyoning trips in Sierra de Guara and in others canyoning spots…

Canyoning picture album 2016: Some pictures of the canyons in May with a lot of water…

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Video canyoning 2016: Openning of the canyoning season 2016 in March with a nice anb brave canyoners group from UK…

Videos canyoning 2015: Canyoning for families and Kids in Summer… Expediciones style adapted to every ones!

Canyoning video 2012: Canyoning very acuatic in Spring in Sierra de Guara

Video Canyoning 2011: 2nd travel explorating the canyons of Marroco to prepare the Canyoning in the Atlas trip

Video canyoning 2010: Canyoning in Sierra de Guara

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