Rivers basin of Isuala: Canyons and tributaries of Balces

The river Isuala offers the longest and most continuous canyon of the zone. It arises in 1.290 m from height in the Port of Serrablo and comes down, passing near Las Almunias, to throw itself near Bierge into the river Alcanadre where was installed via – ferrata of Peñas Juntas. In term of canyons, we differentiate 3 sections called Balces (or Balced) : the longest is upper Balces, followed by the most known Oscuros del balces and the final part where the limestone is transformed concloméré, called Estrechos del Balces. This pond of Isuala offers the biggest concentration of canyons of the Sierra of Guara with its multiple, mainly dry tributaries but a big interest in terms of landscapes, as well as to the technical level for the amateurs.

The Isuala River: From the 3 Balces till the Via Ferrata of Bierge

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Balces Superior

The Canyon of Balces Superior is the longest route of Sierra of Guara with its length of 11km of big dimensions, with fabulous and wild landscapes. Almost nobody goes down by the complicated access; so that the necessity of an organization of vehicles. Its sports interest is limited  although  it requires a good physical shape.
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Oscuros del Balces

Playful and aquatic descent with a gorgeous view, feasible by the uninitiated, with supervision. A calcareous canyon with abseilings, chaos, and a very beautiful dark corridor, with numerous games and surprises. One of the most attractive between the classics of Guara, ideal to discover and to confirm techniques of canyoning in family or in between friends.


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Estrechos del Balces

Canyon enclosed between conglomerates; second longer section of Isuala. Very original by its view although of not much technical interest caused by the lack of jumps and abseilings. Its is however of a great beauty with his continuous corridors. Very entertaining to come down with a strong current or by combining with one of its tributaries.

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Via Ferrata Peñas Juntas

Situated in Bierge, it is ideal to begin, even with children. It proposes three Tibetan bridges over the river Balces, with natural swimming pool to bathe.It is ideal to combine with other activities of adventure in the Sierra of Guara with young people or to combine with the Via Ferrata de la Virgen which is more demanding.


Barranco Fondo, Cueva Cabrito, Fontaneta, Cautiecho, Alborceral and Rincon de las figueras

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Canyon Fondo

Visible since the road towards Rodellar, it is a dry canyon of conglomerate  very entertaining with various abseilings and oppositions feasible by a public endowed with some technical bases. Of a great beauty with varied landscapes, it is a good option to discover new aspects of the canyoning in the Sierra of Guara.

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Cueva Cabrito

Full descent with varied passages and a length of almost 2km. It requires a good physical form and to dominate the vertical techniques. This dry canyon of conglomerate with small natural swimming pools, offers numerous abseilings and oppositions. It is considered as one of most technical and most attractive among the classics of Guara.

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Canyon Fontaneta

Quite unknown but very entertaining canyon. Offers various abseilings and some steps of opposition. Ideal to discover and learn about the canyoning, about the techniques of abseiling with a minimum of physical shape.. It ends in Balces where we can benefit of natural swimming pools of crystalline waters.


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Canyon Cautiecho

A canyon not in good use because of its far access. With varied abseilings, it is one of the most beautiful of the Sierra of Guara, with a spectacular view since the left bank of Isuala. Addressed to a trained public, it can be combined with other close canyons to take advantage of the wild environment and natural swimming pools of Balces.


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Canyon Alborceral

One of the most beautiful but unknown conglomerated tributaries of Isuala. It offers an alternative of combination with Estrechos del Balces (with a better flow, a succession of abseilings, oppositions and even a technical jump in a magnificent suspended pot before the final junction. For groups with technical skills.
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Rincon de las Figueras

An attractive and little practised canyon, with interesting sections and abseilings allowing to shorten the combination with Estrechos del Balces, while staying on the last tributaries of the right bank of Isuala. Ideal for strong groups with technical skills – in period of high speed of waters of Isuala.


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