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Wildlife in Sierra de Guara

With its situation, the Sierra of Guara undergoes different and contrasted climatic influences at the same time: Mediterranean, Atlantic, continental and mountain. Those climate influences mixed with the broken and karstic relieves, such as the presence or not of rivers and canyons, have step by step created particular ecosystems changing according to the zones of the Sierra de Guara. In parallel, the rocky grounds being very wide, there is many animal and vegetable rupicolous species (living on the rock).

Concerning the flora of Sierra de Guara, the contrast between the Mediterranean vegetation type on its Southern slopes and Atlantic vegetation in the Northern part is striking. Several endemic plants are the witnesses of this phenomenon.

True paradise of the ornithologists with numerous birds of prey observable, the fauna of Sierra de Guara has as well wide ranges of other animals like insects (including 137 species of diurnal butterflies), the mammals, the reptiles, the Amphibians and fish.

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